Anglesea is known for its surfing hotspots, but if you prefer a more relaxing swim, a swimming pool is your best option. Everlast handles every step of the construction process from the initial design to adding the finishing touches. Our team of our expert swimming pool builders have years of experience adapting our pool designs to fit a variety of properties. We offer a personalized touch and listen to your ideas, working hard to build the pool of your dreams.

Getting Started

Before our construction team arrives at your property, we send in the expert consultants and designers to assess your yard. This is an important part of the process and one that’s often overlooked when it comes to people building their own DIY pools. Our careful planning before the diggers move in will save you time and money, and reduce the hassle of discovering unforeseen problems half-way through the build. We assess the soil, your plumbing and electrical wiring, and decide on a drainage process before we start building.

Permits and Permission in Anglesea

Each region and town has different regulations regarding building a swimming pool on your property. It’s a tricky process to handle on your own, with plenty of loopholes and long waiting times before you get the permission to start construction. Everlast Pools & Spas handles the more complex paperwork so you don’t have to. We’ve built pools in Anglesea before so we’re able to give you a headstart on the red tape.

The Actual Construction

We’re efficient swimming pool builders. Whether you want a concrete pool or fiberglass pool, we save time through our expertise. DIY pool projects can drag out over the months without a chance of it being ready by summer. We set out a project plan and keep you updated from foundations to adding the finishing touches. Because of our clear planning, to begin with, many of the unforeseen problems are handled before they even appear.

Setting the Foundations

Time and time again we see swimming pools degrade over the years due to poor foundations. It’s the most essential part of any pool. We use steel beams and layers of concrete to guarantee the longevity of your pool, adding in the skimmers and stubs and laying the tiles of your choice. These types of foundations require little maintenance over the years, though if you have any questions we’re just a phone call away.

Wiring and Plumbing

Unless you’re an expert, wiring and plumbing can easily go wrong. Not only is poor wiring dangerous, but it can also be a costly fix in a few years when you need to dig up the yard again. Plumbing is much the same. Lay the pipes wrong and there can be problems in the future regarding drainage and the quality of the water in your pool. Everlast’s construction team makes sure everything is safe and secure.

Adding the Finishing Touches

We want the swimming pool to be the one you’ve always dreamed of. As a finished product, the pool will add value to your property, but we also want it to be perfect for you and your family. We offer all sorts of extras and upgrades, such as waterslides for the little ones and underwater lighting for swimming under the stars. Everlast estimates the cost and will help you build the perfect pool.

Future Maintenance

Swimming pools don’t need much maintenance, especially when they’re built by our team of experts. Keeping your pool clean is important but it’s not a tedious task. We offer all the equipment you’ll need to keep your pool sparkling clean. Occasionally the drains need cleaning and the quality of the water should be checked, too. We’ll guide you on how to look after your pool right after the construction finishes.

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