Looking to add something new to your house? Consider getting a swimming pool for recreation, relaxation, and family time. Pools add a burst of excitement to any home. Not only are they functional, they also improve the aesthetic and atmosphere of a place.

However, pool construction can be a difficult task. There are certain precautions and procedures you need to take to ensure that your pool is safe, well constructed, and easy to maintain. With our help, you can build your dream pool without having to stress about the specifics.

Here is a handy guide to pool construction…

The Process

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1. Project Proposal and Initial Design

In the first phase of pool construction, our consultants and design experts will meet with you to discuss costing, designs, specifications, and many other details.

Our consultants are extremely skilled and experienced at what they do. Plus, we work doubly hard to ensure that all our clients are happy with our work.

2. Permits and Approvals

After the initial consultation with our design experts, we will run you through the different permits and requirements needed for your pool construction. We will provide you with a complete checklist so that your pool construction will go as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

3. Layout of the Pool

Once the permits and requirements are approved, we will evaluate the area where your pool will be constructed in order to determine which types of structures are needed. We will cover all bases from the size of the area to soil, drainage, electrical, and many others.

4. Constructing the Pool

Securing the foundations of your pool is the most important part of pool construction. If your pool is underground, we will excavate the area and fix steel reinforcements so the structure will hold up.

Once everything is in place, other fixtures such as skimmers, stubs, drains, etc. can be placed. All these are secured and covered up with concrete followed by grout and tiles.

5. Installation of the Plumbing System

Energy efficiency, adequate filtration, and proper circulation are extremely important to pool maintenance and management. We install plumbing systems that are efficient and easy to manage. If the client wants additional components (pumps, gas lines, etc.), they may also be added.

Furthermore, in order to prevent accidents, we finish off all wiring jobs with an electrician.

6. Cleaning Up

Removal of equipment and construction gear is our general protocol. We want to make sure that the pool area will be as clean as possible before we leave. That way, you’ll be able to jump in not long after we’re done.

We make sure you won’t have to worry about dust residue or a messy finish.

7. Finishing Touches

After the pool itself is fully constructed, you can opt to install additional accessories such as waterfalls, flooring, lights, and maybe even a sound system.

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After the construction, our experts will leave you with information on how to take good care of your pool. Following these easy steps will ensure that your pool stays clean and beautiful for as long as possible.


Pool construction is only one part of our service. If you still need us in the future, we’ll be happy to take your call.


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