Clifton Springs overlooks Corio Bay, and while the waters may look tempting on a hot summers day, a swimming pool a step away from your back door is twice as tantalizing. If you’re interested in building a swimming pool you’ve come to the right place. We’ve had years of experience building concrete and fiberglass swimming pools throughout the Victoria region. Before we start the process, there are a few things to make clear about everything that goes into building your dream pool.

A Clear Design Is Essential

We’ve seen plenty of DIY swimming pools turn into a costly disaster. Most of the problems arise because it’s not as simple as digging a hole in your back garden and lining it with tiles. Our expert team at Everlast are well-versed in the different designs required for different situations. It all depends on the size of your garden, the type of soil, and how easy it is to link up the pool with existing plumbing and electric wiring.

Saving Money Now And Into The Future

Swimming pool builders are the most efficient way to build a pool that adds value to your property for years to come. Not only will you and your family have many summers of fun with the pool, but it’ll also boost the property value for potential buyers in the future. To make sure your pool lasts that long, we take extra care to focus on the details – strong foundations, effective drainage and tasteful design.

Handling The Permits

Before the construction starts, all the necessary paperwork needs to be taken care of. There is a myriad of different permits and permissions that need to be signed off by the local government before you can start digging big holes in your back yard. Thankfully, Everlast have built pools in Clifton Springs area before and we can give you a headstart on slicing the tricky red tape. We’ll compile a thorough list and help you with the paperwork, saving you time and keeping the stress to a minimum.

Foundations, The Most Important Part of Any Pool Build

You’ve heard the story of the people who built houses on the soft sand, and the same morals apply when you’re building a swimming pool. Strong foundations guarantee your pool will last a lifetime. We spend the extra time getting this part of the build right so that there are fewer worries in the future. Concrete is laid down over steel beams, finished with the installation of skimmers, stubs, and the all-important drains. The stronger the foundations the easier it is to maintain your pool for many years to come.

Pumps And Wires

Having the electrical wiring and pumps professionally constructed will save you a fortune in future maintenance costs. Even one small mistake can cause issues down the line, and you’ll have to dig up the garden looking for the leaky pipe or loose wire. Everlast and its construction teams are a well-tuned machine with years of pool construction under their hard-hats. We don’t make mistakes.

The Final Product

The construction team have gone, the pool is built, tiled, and wired, and it’s ready for the grand-opening. Our team tidies up after its self, cleaning away dust and debris, and preparing the pool for the inaugural swim. Once your pool is completed, there are few options for the next steps. Let us know your ideas and we can help you install a water slide for the kids, underwater lighting for midnight swims, or a sound-system for BBQ pool parties.

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