Today, we’re going to walk you through our step-by-step process for Swimming Pool Construction Mansfield.

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1. What to Expect When Working With a Pool Builder in Mansfield

Mansfield is a beautiful town well-known for its year-round recreation, from summer hiking to winter skiing. By installing swimming pools Mansfield residents can appreciate an even greater level of recreation in their own back yards. They can read on to find out about the pool building process to find out what to expect.

2. Choosing the Right Site

Its important to choose the right site for a backyard pool. Utility lines must be avoided and any obstacles such as rocks, trees, and fences must be removed, which tends to require additional time and money. In addition to choosing a relatively open site, its a good idea to place the pool above a slope and in direct sun to avoid debris and warm the water.

3. Come Up With a Design

When they hire a pool builder Mansfield homeowners will have plenty of room for offering input into their new pools designs. Not only can they change a pool’s dimensions, but they can also come up with more visually interesting shapes and include accessories like built-in pool steps, lighting, and more. Most contractors are more than willing to work with their clients to incorporate all of the right elements into their designs, although its important to note that additional features will often increase a pools cost.

4. Apply for Permits

With the right pool contractor Mansfield property owners won’t have to worry much about permits, at all. The majority of contractors simply handle the permit application process for their clients. Those who live in areas that are controlled by homeowners associations should note that they may be subject to additional regulations, though, and should make a point of consulting their association guidebooks prior to even hiring a pool contractor.

5. Excavating the Soil

The first step of the actual pool construction Mansfield contractors will perform when the planning and permitting processes are completed is excavation. This process begins with the placement of marking chalk to show the pools dimensions and the locations of any accessories and the use of a backhoe or another piece of specialized heavy equipment to remove the dirt, itself. Once the soil has been removed, the future pools bottom and sides must be evened out with a rake and flattened with a tamper tool.

6. Framing the Pool

Steel rebar will be placed, usually around three inches above the soil and spaced about two and a half inches apart, along the entire floor and the walls of the pool. This will form a frame that will increase the strength of the concrete once its poured.

7. Installing the Plumbing

Plumbing lines typically go beneath the rebar frame. The pipes will need to be hooked up to pumps and filter systems and trenches will need to be dug to accommodate them. These plumbing lines will be hooked up to their accessory systems and wired prior to the completion of the pool, itself.

8. Completing the Interior

The contractor will now pour concrete to finish the pools interior. The floor will need to be about six inches thick, as will the walls. After placement, the concrete will have to be smoothed out and leveled, at which point it can be left for at least five days to cure.

9. Waterproofing and Finishing

The pool basin will be coated with tile for waterproofing and coping will be installed around its lips. After these last finishing touches, the pool will be complete and ready to hold water. Just fill it up and enjoy.

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Pool maintenance does not end with construction. Our in-house experts will walk you through how to maintain and care for your pool. While pool maintenance isn’t that tedious—you just have to take note of a few important steps—taking care of your swimming pool helps extend pool life and maintain cleanliness.

If you have any challenges or problems following construction, we’ll be glad to keep in touch. Our goal is to give all our clients the pool they enjoy. Looking to build a pool? Give us a call and we’ll be glad to walk you through the process.

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