The beach is a stone’s throw away from the town of Ocean Grove, though during the summer months the convenience of a swimming pool in your back yard shouldn’t be overlooked. Pools add fantastic value to your property and are brilliant for teaching little ones the breaststroke before they pick up a surfboard. Some homeowners attempt to build a pool themselves, but the entire process is made easier with Everlast Pools, swimming pool builders specializing in concrete and fiberglass pools.

Reasons To Build A Pool With The Professionals

Pool construction is a tricky process which requires careful planning. Everything from the design of the swimming pool to the plumbing and electricity should be handled by experts, if something goes wrong during your DIY pool project it could cost you a lot of money. Everlast makes sure your pool is safe, built to last, and easy to maintain

The Design Process – Building the Dream Pool

The design of your pool is one of the most important factors to consider, especially if you want the pool to add value to your property, both as a home feature and as something for your family to enjoy. Everlast pool builders have an expert design team who will visit your property and discuss the cost, different designs which might fit your yard and the specifications of the pool. We’re a skilled team committed to providing you with a fantastic swimming pool, whether it be concrete or fiberglass.

Permits – The Dreaded Red Tape

We take care of the planning permission. Everything is organized by our team and you’re handed a clear list of the different permits and permissions you’ll need before the pool construction goes ahead. We’re all about efficiency – the faster the process, the quicker you get your swimming pool. Pool construction varies from region to region, but we’ve built pools in Ocean Grove before.

Understanding Your Back Yard

There’s a big space out the back of your house and it looks the perfect size for a swimming pool. However, before anyone starts digging holes and laying concrete down, you need to have the soil evaluated and the plumbing organized. With our careful preplanning, any problems that might arise from a rushed construction are eliminated. We cover the details: how large the pool can be, whether or not there’s sufficient drainage, and how easy it is to run electricity to your swimming pool.

Building the Pool

Once all the finer points are ironed out, we can start with the construction of the swimming pool. Setting the foundations is the most important of the process. Steel beams are installed to secure the longevity of your pool. Once the foundations are down we lay down the other bits and pieces – like stubs, skimmers and drains – then cover the whole thing with a layer of concrete and tiles. Your pool is almost there.

Efficiency, Saving You Money Now And Then

Building your own pool comes with a lot of cost-sinks. Whether it be the lengthy construction process or simple mistakes during the build, Everlast is focused on minimizing any and all problems with your pool. That covers everything that might go wrong during the build – like leaky pipes or poor wiring – to future cost-proofing. We get it right now so you don’t need to worry in five year’s time about the mounting maintenance costs of your pool.

Tidying Up

Once everything’s finished, we remove all our gear and clean up the construction residue. We want to hand you over a pristine swimming pool, and that means making sure the rest of the garden is clean as well. Then it’s up to you – jump right in or ask us about installing extra features, like a slide, waterfall, underwater lights, or even a sound system.

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