Although Portarlington is a historic town and the gentle waves of Port Richards are welcoming, there’s room for a modern swimming pool right in your back yard. Everlast has years of experience in designing and building swimming pools in the Victoria area. We handle the finer points of pool construction so you don’t have to. Opting for the professional touch guarantees a well-built pool that’ll last as long as the red-brick Portarlington Mill.

Building The Dream Pool

Our range of swimming pools covers everything from shallow kid-friendly designs to luxury pools with underwater lighting and sound-systems. Before we begin with the construction, our team of expert consultations and builders will evaluate your property. We look closely at the type of soil in your yard and determine how to wire and plumb your pool to save maintenance costs in the future.

Planning Permission And Permits

This is one of the most overlooked steps for those who choose to build a DIY pool. Everlast handles the complicated permits and helps you to get planning permission for your pool. We’ll compile a thorough list of the different types of permissions needed for a pool in Port Arlington. With our many years in the business, we’re ready to give you a head start and to get construction underway as soon as possible.

Efficient Construction

Our team arrives at your property and begins the process by digging a hole. It’s a simple start, but the next steps of laying strong foundations of steel beams and arranging the wiring and pipes are crucial. This is where we see the most mistakes made by those who try to build the pool themselves. Poor foundations will cost you a fortune in the future, especially as your pool starts to degrade over time. Plus, wiring and plumbing should always be handled by an expert. We guarantee a lifetime of safety and low maintenance costs by getting these aspects right with the initial construction.

Finishing Touches

Once everything’s set, the tiles are laid, and the wiring and plumbing are connected, the swimming pool is almost ready. The construction team clears your yard of construction debris, leaving it as they found it. Now it’s time to think about the next steps. We offer plenty of extras, such as slides and underwater lighting, which will take your pool to the next level. We’ll be on hand once construction finishes to talk over the process.

How To Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Everlast also offers post-construction guidance on how to best maintain your pool into the future. It’s not a tedious process, but there are few simple measures you can take to make sure your pool is clean and safe into the future. We’re on hand after the construction is finished to show you how to do simple maintenance, and we’re always a phone call away if you have any more questions.

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