Getting a swimming pool is one of the biggest investments you can make for your home. Not only are pools pleasing to the eyes, they’re also great for relaxation and exercise. Swimming pools provide valuable real estate and serve as an aesthetically pleasing complement to any home. Furthermore, they are excellent temperature buffers and recreational spaces..

Swimming pools come with almost an unlimited number of options of different shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and several other different things to choose from. Because there are a plethora of choices, it’s important to bring in an experienced pool expert to help you find the right pool for your home.

Below is our stepwise guide for Swimming Pool Construction Wangaratta.:

Swimming Pool Design Wangaratta

1. Project Proposal And Draft Design

The first phase of pool construction is a meeting between our clients and our trained design staff. During this meeting, our staff discuss the different options to choose from and the possible costs to expect throughout construction. Through this, our clients can get an idea of how the entire process will go and an understanding of the different costs involved.

2. Approvals And Permits

Before any construction, it is important to secure permits from your county or local government. This will safeguard you against any legal problems moving forward. It is important to note that, in order to construct other features like cabanas, easements, and pool decks, you need additional permits. Our personnel will walk you through the requirements involved to help you save time and effort.

3. Pool Layout

Following the approval of your permits and plans, we will lay the groundwork for construction. In this step, we will survey your space and iron out the specifics of your swimming pool construction process. This step involves both finalizing the pool design and mapping out the construction area.

4. Pool Construction

The very first part of the building process begins with excavation and reinforcement of the intended pool area. Once the foundation is in place, other fixtures like drains, stubs, and skimmers can be built into the pool. Following the placement of the fixtures, a layer of gunite and/or concrete is applied and covered with a layer of tiles and grout.

5. Plumming Installation

Proper plumming is a vital part of pool construction. Getting the job done the right way allows you to save water and energy, build acceptable filtration. During this phase supplementary fixtures like electrical components, pumps, and gas lines can be added. You should take not that any electrical component should be installed by a trained professional to prevent electrocution and other similar accidents.

6. Cleanup

After the pool is fully constructed, our team will make certain that the pool area is left clean and ready for finishing. We will remove all our temporary structures and remove any construction equipment used during the pool construction process.

7. Finishing

Following the cleanup, you can have supplementary accessories added to your pool. Also, any finishing touches to enhance the look of your pool can be added during this phase.

Once your pool is fully constructed, our staff will help you get accustomed to proper pool maintenance practices. While pool maintenance isn’t as tedious or time consuming as you thing, you still have to put in some effort in mainaining your pool.

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