There are few better ways to liven your living space than installing a swimming pool. Not only do pools add to the overall ambiance and atmosphere of your home, they also provide valuable recreational space for exercise and rest and relaxation. Moreover, swimming pools can help manage the temperature of your homes and surroundings…

There are a number of things to consider when getting a swimming pool—all of these are very important and should not be overlooked. Swimming pool construction should be overseen by a trained pool construction contractor or expert.

The list below is our step by step process for finding a Swimming Pool Builder in Wodonga.

Pool Construction Wodonga

1. Project Proposal And Draft Design

Prior to the actual construction, we advise our clients to set up a meeting with our trained design staff to discuss the possible variations and costs involved in a swimming pool construction project. We do this in order to ensure that each of our clients gets the best possible design at a reasonable price point.

2. Approvals And Permits

Pool construction requires special permits from your county or local area; more permits are needed for additional fixtures like cabanas, pool decks, easements, and the like. Our staff will guide you through the necessary requirements in order to help you save valuable time and leg work.

3. Pool Layout

After the approval of the various plans and permits, a member of our staff will begin laying the groundwork for the construction process. We will evaluate your space and determine the specific provisions that need to be made in order for constuction to begin.

4. Pool Construction

For underground pools, construction starts with the excavation and laying of steel reinforcement in the intended pool area. This process is important because it helps ensure that the pool foundations are laid down properly to prevent collapse and other possible structural problems. After the foundation is set in place, stubs, drains, skimmers, and pre-plumbing structures are build into the pool. Once those are in place, the structures are sprayed over by an impenetrable layer of concrete and/or gunite, which are then covered with the final layer of tiles and grout.

5. Plumming Installation

The installation of proper plumbing is important especially when it comes to saving water and energy, creating adequate filtration, and ensuring proper circulation. In addition, fixtures like gas lines, water pumps, and electricals may be added in this phase of construction. Always remember that all electrical components should be done by an experienced electrician or specialist to prevent unnecessary problems.

6. Cleanup

Towards the end of construction is the cleanup phase. Our staff will make sure all temporary structures are put down and all construciton equipment is removed from the pool area.

7. Pool Finish

Once all the equipment is packed up, finishing touches are added to your pool. We have a variety of finishes available and we allow you to customize according to your specifications. Also, we can install accessories to help enhance the design of your swimming pool area.


Construction is only the first part of owning a pool; just like any type of construction, even something as different as building an seo wodonga plan that works, you still need to maintain the software to keep it running! Similarly, pool maintenance is important in order to ensure that your pool is well taken care of. Even if pool maintenance does not take a lot of time, there are important steps and maintenance schedules your should follow.

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